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Beating Jet Lag at Brooklands

The best travel tip I ever received was to sleep on flights to Europe and stay awake on the way home. Then, once landed, stay on the destination’s schedule. If you land in London at noon, for example, stay awake until bedtime – even if it means propping your eyes open with toothpicks. Jetlag is […]

Off the Road in Door County

There is something refreshing about a brilliant, cool sunrise on a clear Wisconsin morning in Door County. I had just pulled up to a local coffee roasting company and was greeted by the cheery owner who was repositioning pots of bright flowers to better showcase her homey shop and eatery. At the advice of a […]

The Enticing Sounds of Seward

Drip, drop; the rain echoed on my rubberized hood, and squeak, squish; my boots scuffed across the rough boat deck for better balance. Click, whizzz…I disengaged the bale on my reel and flung my line out into the rich, green water that pattered playfully in the gentle rain and added to the cacophony of sound […]

Off the Grid and Into the Wild Talkeetna

The last time I was in Talkeetna it was on a rainy day trip out of Anchorage. I tasted local beers, visited art galleries and museums and ducked into gift shops. The quaintness of the town lured me back for a second look, and this summer my husband and I settled in for a few […]

Following Harry Potter Through London

“So, I’m a Gryffindor, which house is yours?” asked the blonde-braided girl from Idaho. Her question was directed at our shy thirteen-year-old Harry Potter fan on her first trip to England. In line at King’s Cross Station to visit the magical Platform 9 ¾ with her muggle sister, mother and grandmother, it was a relief […]

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

                                                          Step over step, step over step. I focused on the sinewy brown calves ahead of me as they carefully climbed over twisted roots and jagged rocks […]

New Buffalo, MI

  Ready and Willing to Surf Icy Lake Michigan “Are you ready?” asked surf instructor Ryan Gerard as he pointed me toward the beach ahead of an approaching wave. “No, but I’m willing!” I called back over the sound of rushing wind and whitewater. It was mid-October, and as I approached a landmark birthday I […]

Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Crooked Road, VA

                                                                                            It was at the second of 26 wayside exhibits […]

Paws Up, Montana

                                              My daughter and I were strapped into harnesses and facing each other inside a giant beach ball atop a grassy, tree-lined hill in Montana. Our guide called out to hang on tight […]

Roanoke, VA

                                                                            “Where the he– is Roanoke?” read the sunglasses band I was handed at Go Outside, the second […]

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