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Iceland, the Volcanic Island

In Iceland for just a few days enroute to Sweden where we would trace family roots, my husband and I had limited time to explore, so we booked a round-robin excursion near Reykjavik called the Golden Tour. This very popular route visits myriad geologic formations that created this island nation, where tourism has surpassed fishing […]

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Toes on the Road

Welcome to a place where wanderlust leads to South Pacific moonbows, Mexican island life, Colorado ski slopes, Southwestern enchiladas, Caribbean adventures and New York nightlife.  The stories don’t end there.  With every adventure comes a new opportunity to live like  the locals and to tweak our personal approach to the world.

Before we judge anyone, it’s important to walk a mile in their moccasins.  What they experience may be completely different than anything we have ever understood. If we actually plant our feet on the soil of their life, we will find a connection to the earth and each other that may be surprising. In an effort to walk that mile and to experience life in a new way, I’ve taken my toes on the road.  As I travel, I document my experiences through my toes.  Caribbean seas have washed them clean, snowy slopes have welcomed their skis, desert sands have warmed them.

Walk with me through lives you have not known, through roads you have not travelled, across oceans you have not tasted as they sprayed in your face.  Come with me to see the world in a whole new way.

Lesley Frederikson

Lesley Frederikson is a freelance writer who specializes in travel stories but is happy to put pen to paper about any topic.  Her wanderlust has roots in childhood when she spent a high school semester in London and went on Caribbean and Mexican Rivera cruises.  Her interest in foreign lands led her to secure a degree in cultural anthropology from the University of California Santa Barbara and then to become an airline pilot so she could visit the places she’d studied.  A brief stint in Hollywood publicity honed her writing and communication skills so that when circumstances required her to plant her pilot feet on the ground, she was able to do it with a laptop in hand, adventure in her heart and an enthusiasm for new experiences.

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